Duck Dynasty Fans Jump On Bandwagon To Save Flip It Forward Brothers

HGTV may have assumed that they were getting in line for huge snaps over their decision to cancel the show Flip It Forward over the star siblings‘ religious beliefs. But now, Duck Dynasty fans, whom are no strangers to controversy, are banding together to force HGTV to put the show back on the grid.


According to media reports, fans who supported Phil Robertson are beginning to now funnel their support to the Benham brothers who were abruptly 86ed out of HGTV’s line-up over their religious beliefs.

An advocacy group revved up a campaign in support of Jason and David Benham, the same folks who brought the world the successful protest over Duck Dynasty‘s patriarch. The new campaign slogan is called “Flip This Decision” and calls for HGTV to change their decision and place the show back in production.

The advocacy group states:

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Twin Brothers’ Flip It Forward Series NIXED Over Anti-Gay Views

The Benham Brothers’ highly anticipated home flipping series, Flip It Forward, has been scraped after its fraternal stars were revealed to be anti-gay..

benhams brothers

Right Wing Watch reported the twins who star in HGTV’s recently greenlit reality series Flip It Forward are anti-gay activists.

HGTV said this morning it had given the hook to the series, which was set to debut in October. Yesterday, HGTV said it was “currently in the process of reviewing all information about the Benhams and we will provide an update as soon as possible.” Then came a tweet today:

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