JetBlue flight attendant Marsha Gay Reynolds, busted for trying to smuggle nearly 70 pounds of pure cocaine from LAX to NYC’s LaGuardia airport, was a former 2008 Miss Jamaica runner up.

Reynolds was arrested after after trying to flee authorities after being directed to the more screening cue at LAX.


Marsha Gay Reynolds cocaine jetblue

Surrendering herself over to federal authorities Wednesday, the beauty pageant contestant’s arrest comes nearly a week after Reynolds dropped her loot (along with her Gucci shoes) and bolted LAX airport bare foot after a TSA agent marked her for a random search as she attempted to pass through a check through line reserved for airport workers. Realizing her jig was up, rather than being caught, Marsha Gay Reynolds decided to take her chances when the former NYU track star dropped her suitcases along with taking off her size 81/2 Gucci shoes when she bolted out of the airport barefoot. h/t scallywagandvagabond

Marsha Gay Reynolds bikini cocaine jetblue

Reynolds abandoned her luggage which was found to contain 11 individually wrapped packages labeled “Big Ranch.” the contents later tested positive for cocaine.