U2 singer Bono‘s bicycle accident in New York was no walk in the park, it was very serious we are now learning.

What is being described as a “high-energy bicycle accident” in NYC’s Central Park, Bono was treated multiple injuries that required multiple surgeries.


bono bicycle accident central park 3

He broke his arm in six spots, fractured his eye socket and also his shoulder blade — the latter in three places, according to Dr. Dean Lorich, a trauma surgeon at the hospital. Doctors operated on him for five hours Sunday, which included repairing his bone with three metal plates and 18 screws, Lorich said in a statement. A day later, he had surgery on his left hand to repair a fracture. “He will require intensive and progressive therapy. However, a full recovery is expected,” the doctor said. h/t cnn

Sources say that Bono’s signature sunglasses may have exacerbated his extensive facial injuries.