Bono, Sting, Elton John’ Embarrassing Bruno Appearance

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Sasha Baron Cohen’s movie, “Bruno” went to places no other movie has gone before, or more accurately, places no other movie ever wanted to go. And now that the light has dimmed on the box office, we are all left wondering, is Cohen the World’s best con man?

When all is said and done, Cohen will have offended, angered, embarrassed, ridiculed and degraded countless people. And now you can add the World’s most prominent men to that list.


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Cohen’s run and gun filming technique rarely informs his unwitting cast that the “joke is on them,” so making friends is certainly not on Cohen’s to-do list. But it’s the voluntary participation of, Bono, Sting, Elton John and rocker, Slash, in “Bruno,” that has left many scratching their heads, wondering,” why’d they do it?”

Who duped these musical giants to stoop to this level? Becoming forever attached to Cohen’s cinema buffoonery? I think it is safe to say; the aforementioned musical icons deserve to be forever, thoroughly embarrassed.

Cohen’s previous effort,“Borat,Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan,” proved a surprise box office smash. Cohen ingeniously took us on a raunchy, controversial ride, while brilliantly finessing us to see through the eyes of a gangly, somewhat naïve television personality from Kazakhstan.

In Cohen’s “Borat,” Actress, Playboy Bunny, Pamela Anderson, was a part of the scripted plot, and at least Anderson was smart enough to “run away” from Borat.

In “Bruno,” Paula Abdul was savvy enough to high tail it out of frame when she learned Cohen was up to no good.

Maybe Sting, Elton and Bono thought, “Bruno” would be another “Borat”, but the results are in, Cohen missed that mark by a Kazakhstan mile.

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  • morgan

    i don’t agree with article, bruno was a good movie! being so outrageous is what makes it so hilarious. it shouldn’t be taken seriously. anyway, sorry to say but americans are among the most arrogant, self centered people on the planet, and I’m not british so i’m unbaised. i think ‘jen’ proved that. the UK has been reduced to a few islands in the middle of nowhere? really? you obviously couldn’t locate the UK on a map then…
    and just fyi i have met many americans, since i just came back from 6 months over there…

  • Ash

    You are all after claiming whose country is better…to accomplish what? Why do you judge all Americans as being dumb? That just shows how unintelligent you are… How many Americans have you met?

  • The King

    Funny how the pound is almost double of the US Dollar and percentage wise there are more homeless people in the world….oh…and how many countries have your head of state on their money…England, Ireland, Canada, Australia……

  • Mike

    Glad to hear Madonna is a nobody.
    It’s not who he was, but the fact that the people being suckered were so dumb not to realise!
    That, and his abstract way of pointing out how screwed up America is… but americans just won’t understand that part of it.

  • Great observation!! @ Jen.

  • Jen

    Dear Rudy,
    The United Kingdom has been reduced to a few islands in middle of nowhere… So forgive the citizens the worlds only remaining superpower (the USA) for not being impressed that Bruno is number 3 at the boxoffice in the UK. That’s like saying wooden shoes are the latest worldwide fashion craze based on skyrocketing sales in Holland!

    Did you ever you wonder why Ali-G (SBC) was able to run around the U.S. filming unsuspecting people in Borat? BECAUSE NOBODY IN THE UNITED STATES KNEW WHO THE HELL HE WAS.

    So pull your head out of your “Arse” and smell the real-world.

  • Rudy

    You’re an arsehole. You don’t know why or how Bono, Elton John, & co. agreed to play in this movie. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

    “Borat” is was not a surprise box office smash. Sacha got famous with the Ali G Show. You think Madonna put him in her video out of nowhere, 5 years before Borat was released?

    I don’t know which “dimmed light in the box office” you’re talking about man get your facts right.