Cambridge cops are on the hunt for a 6-foot black man in his mid-20s who allegedly punched four pedestrians on Massachusetts Avenue over the weekend. One of the victims is a young woman.walk 3

Four people were injured but did not request medical attention after being surprised punched by an unidentified man while walking on a Boston street near Massachusetts Ave.


After the man assaulted them, he allegedly ran away, reported.

Victims said the man was shouting unintelligibly when he approached them. Police suspect the attacker was either under the influence of drugs or suffering from mental illness, according to Deputy Superintendent Jack Albert.

The first victim said she was assaulted at about 3:40 p.m. Prior to this time, officers received multiple calls about a man fitting the same description, acting strangely on the street. The woman suffered minor injuries and declined medical attention, police said.

A male victim reported being “sucker punched” by the man twice in the eye. He was knocked to the ground, police said. The victim had bruising on his face, and was taken to the hospital.

A third man said he was punched in the right eye for “no reason.” He experienced swelling, but declined medical treatment, police said.

Another man was punched similarly, but didn’t suffer any visible injuries, police said.