Jimmy Fallon Rushed To Hospital After Jagermeister Induced Fall

Jimmy Fallon has again landed in the hospital, this time after a nasty fall during an award ceremony at Harvard University in Cambridge on Saturday.

Witness said the Tonight Show host was drinking heavily when he suddenly tripped and went down hard. In a grainy Instagram video of the incident, Fallon appears to have again injured his hand, however, the exact nature of his injury has not yet been revealed. One thing is for sure, the injury was bad enough that he needed to be rushed to Massachusetts General Hospital.

jimmy fallon injured again

According to an onlooker, “It was all part of the celebration in the street and some random girl kneeled down in front of him abruptly as he was turning around and he tripped over her because he didn’t see her.” Continue reading

MIT Engineer: If You’re Taking A Shower You’re Doing It All Wrong

MIT Chemical engineer graduate, Dave Whitlock says you can forget taking showers to stay clean and to prove it, he’s skipped them for 12 years.

Whitlock says, If you really want to stay clean, instead of jumping in the drink, spray live bacteria on your skin.

Dave Whitlock

In fact, what Whitlock does believe is healthy is restoring good bacteria to our skin that our ancestors enjoyed long ago — bacteria that’s been slowly stripped away by excessive cleaning. Continue reading

KNOCKOUT GAME Strikes BOSTON As 4 Hurt In Surprise Attacks

Cambridge cops are on the hunt for a 6-foot black man in his mid-20s who allegedly punched four pedestrians on Massachusetts Avenue over the weekend. One of the victims is a young woman.walk 3

Four people were injured but did not request medical attention after being surprised punched by an unidentified man while walking on a Boston street near Massachusetts Ave.

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Boston Bomber Attended Ben Affleck Matt Damon Affluent Cambridge School

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.. One of the boston bombing brothers, likely the brother hold-up in a Boston home as I type, was selected and awarded a scholarship offered by his school back in 2011. The award was for kids wishing to obtain a “higher education.” Now get this! Good Will Hunting, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon also attended the prestigious school!

ben_affleck_good_will_hunting-Freeextras.com_ (1)

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