Check out the new ESPN Nicki Minaj Kobe Bryant cover! It’s easy to spot that the publication’s chief photoshop expert made several odd changes to Minaj’s forehead, essentially making it bigger..

kicki minaj photoshop espn 2


Nicki Minaj isn’t at all happy that the folks at ESPN Magazine at the moment.

The rapper recently took issue with some of the retouches the publication made to her cover, a photo that found her hanging out with Kobe Bryant. Since Minaj feels she looks different in the finished product, the rapper addressed the situation on Instagram.

“When retouching goes wrong,” she explained in a recent post.

Nicki Minaj also included another photo that was reportedly taken during the shoot. According to the former American Idol judge, this image gives fans an idea of the changes ESPN Magazine made to the recent cover.

“I love my personal unretouched photos where my forehead doesn’t mysteriously grow in length,” she wrote on Instagram. Take a look at the picture in question below.

In short: The publication made a few minor changes to the photographs, but not enough to make Minaj look weirdly out of proportion, reports the
kicki minaj photoshop espn

“While we occasionally make minor visual and cosmetic adjustments to cover images, we do not significantly change a person’s unique physical characteristics. The folks on our covers are too proud of their bodies to stand for that. The forehead Ms. Minaj walked in with is the one on the cover and we’re thrilled she participated,” Millman said.