Nicki Minaj PHOTOSHOPPED On ESPN Cover ‘Head Made BIGGER’

Check out the new ESPN Nicki Minaj Kobe Bryant cover! It’s easy to spot that the publication’s chief photoshop expert made several odd changes to Minaj’s forehead, essentially making it bigger..

kicki minaj photoshop espn 2

Nicki Minaj isn’t at all happy that the folks at ESPN Magazine at the moment.

The rapper recently took issue with some of the retouches the publication made to her cover, a photo that found her hanging out with Kobe Bryant. Since Minaj feels she looks different in the finished product, the rapper addressed the situation on Instagram.
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Kim Kardashian BUSTED Over Photoshopped SELFIE?

Leave it to Kim Kardashian to have a selfie professionally photoshopped.. Kim caustically denying claims she photoshopped a photo to make herself appear slimmer before posting them online, but Photoshop experts disagree, claiming the truth lies in the wavering lines of the bathroom floor tile.
kim kardashian photoshop selfie

Experts examining the above Kim Kardashian selfie noticed the tile jetting in towards Kim’s body strongly indicates the photograph has indeed been altered.
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Mischa Barton Makes Comeback

Actress Mischa Barton, 26, was known to have an eating disorder and drug problem a few years back, but now, she is looking healthy again.

Barton’s acting career was in the toilet a while, and now she’s making a comeback in a new production. She was recently photographed in leopard granny panties on a street, where she was filming an unknown production.

Barton has a cellulite issue as most 50-year-old women do, but she seems to be more confident with it now than back when she had it worst in 2008.

When she was younger, she was skinnier, and she had more cellulite than now. Makes no sense at all!