It seems like only yesterday our collective ears were bleeding over Rebecca Black‘s music video, Friday, well now there’s a new Friday in town and it’s Tuesday tween Alison Gold who is telling us what’s for dinner.. Enter “Chinese Food .”

alison gold chinese food


Sure, you may get a giggle out of all the corniness, but that just when the ear worm strikes! Embedding itself into your brain until you go crazy! Like what happened to these new adoring Alison Gold fans!

  1. I love your song so much, it’s my new jam! Follow me please <3
  2. You go girl! Don’t let the media tell you what you should or should not do! That’s what a true artist is!
  3. Here’s next week’s viral video sensation. Get on board > OMG, CHINESE FOOD!

Alison Gold may only have about 154 followers on Twitter, but we predict that’s all about to change in a big bad way..