GAD-ZOOSK!, eHarmony, Tinder and Christian Mingle are a few of the most popular dating sites out there. Oh, but how could we forget about Zoosk and those annoying talking pillow commercials?zoosk

“The best dating site on Earth” as they would call themselves, is notorious for ranking attractive users as first grabs on the top half of the site’s page.

However, it looks like OkCupid is not the only one utilizing a ranking algorithm. According to Top Ten Reviews, this dating website doesn’t even fall within their list.


So, who could possibly come even close to being their competition?

Well, for starters maybe Zoosk? It seems like dating executive and Director of Client Applications, Jeff Knight, would agree.

Founded in 2007, Zoosk’s online dating service integrates with other social media and networking sites (Facebook being the main one), which makes it less attractive among some users.zoosk2

Maybe that’s why Knight is now snooping around on OkCupid for leads? Maybe he’s trying to keep up with the competition to steadily improve his own?

Well, neither are the reasons according to Valley Wag. They have assumed that Knight could be a fan of OkCupid and surprisingly, even maybe not a user on his very own masterwork, Zoosk.

On a blog entry by Knight’s girlfriend, she initially spilled the beans how he is a member of OkCupid and uses it avidly.

According to Valleywag, the writer sent him a message asking him why was he on a competitor’s site? The writer explains how Knight’s response was that “he was actually using OKCupid for its intended purpose.”

Really? You already have a girlfriend so, that couldn’t be it.
What do you think? Could Knight be a supporter of OkCupid or just a nosey snooper?