Have you been watching the American Idol grand finale? Wait, did I say American Idol? Sorry, what I meant to say was Indian Idol!! India‘s version of the popular singing competition! Right away you may notice some differences between the Indian version and the American version of the Idol franchise, first being, a pair of 40 something year-olds dancing like teenagers while singing what can only be described as Indian rap.
Indian IdolThe production is really good but they still do the old-fashioned style of slam and tilt photography.. You know what I’m talking about, when the camera slams in tight and then pulls away real quick over and over and then tilts.. Kind of like a Japanese game show minus the Japanese people. It all comes off a bit awkward and uncomfortable, but only because they’re trying to imitate so many American trends! For instance, there’s also a couple of singing teen girls who really do not know how to dance but have obviously been trained like monkeys.

idian idol


Hey cheers to India for airing any version of American Idol scripted into their verbiage! I just wish it had more of the Indian flair and style, I love that stuff! Don’t worry, there’s still tons of sarongs and the strong scent of patchouli mixed with BO. Hey, I don’t wear deodorant either!


On a final note, the show is actually called Indian Idol Junior, because all the kids are juniors, which doesn’t really explain the dancing adults.. Anyways, this is the wildly popular hashtag Trending On Twitter: #IndianIdolJunior