Forget American Idol Meet INDIAN IDOL JUNIOR!! #IndianIdolJunior

Have you been watching the American Idol grand finale? Wait, did I say American Idol? Sorry, what I meant to say was Indian Idol!! India‘s version of the popular singing competition! Right away you may notice some differences between the Indian version and the American version of the Idol franchise, first being, a pair of 40 something year-olds dancing like teenagers while singing what can only be described as Indian rap.
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American Idol RATINGS SKYFALL Huge Percentage Tuning Out Week to Week

American Idol is at an over decade low in the key department of, um, ratings — and is falling to new lows each week… This season of the talent competition has continually dropped in viewership, draggin it to new lows week after week.

american idol sudden death

Last night’s ratings were 5 % lower than last Wednesday’s, making it the lowest rated Wednesday show since 2002.

With a 4.1 in the key demo, Idol is losing its viewers week by week. Last week, the Thursday show was a 3.7, which means that tonight could be dismal. Something has to be done fast. I do think “Idol” needs performances by current or legacy stars, and some mentors to boost the show.

Granted, “Idol” still won the night and has a huge following. But “Modern Family” was close behind with a 3.9. I hope tonight Mariah just stands up, belts out a song, and tosses Nicki Minaj over her shoulder. Action! Source.