Matt Lauer just got slammed on Twitter by a guy named, Mark Zinni, who used to work for the network anchor – as an intern – back when dude was a only a lad, but now he’s an anchor himself! It went down like this, Zinni responded to one of his fans who asked him a simple question, “Lauer, was he a dick?” NOW get this! Zinni, an anchor at a Fox TV station, probably did not expected Lauer to actually join in on the convo, BUT HE DID! First in a tweet to Zinni, THEN in an angry email he fired off to his boss! All in an effort to try and get him in trouble! — (Publishers please don’t forget credit! :D) You are enjoying Another EXCLUSIVE!



It started when a former NBC intern, Mark Zinni, who now works as an anchor in Ohio on the local Fox affilate, responded when asked by one of his followers: “Lauer, was he a dick?”


As you can see, Mark Zinni responded honestly, maybe a bit too honestly…


Then, VERY unexpectedly LAUER RESPONDS!


Then it seems Lauer took matters  a step further by calling Zinni’s station manager to try and get the anchor in trouble! And possibly fired!


Lauer is on a serious mission to repair his reputation as an assh**e but considering all the negative media attention this issue is bound to receive, let’s just say this is another Lauer FAIL! All thanks to that bitch they call Karma.