I thought this seemed weird when it happened, Kim Kardashian rushed to the hospital with a miscarriage scare and her man, Kanye West, is no where to be found! Ouch! When the chips are down looks like Kanye heads for the hills!



MTO is reporting the shocking news that Kim is feeling devastated over Kanye’s under-reaction to her being rushed to the hospital!

If Kanye and Kim’s relationship was on SHAKY GROUND before . . . it’s dang near CLOSE TO A WRAP now. Why? Well an EXTREMELY well placed insider told MediaTakeOut.com that Kim Kardashian is FURIOUS with her soon-to-be babys father Kanye West – for not dropping his plans and RUSHING to the hospital when he learned that she was having pregnancy complications.

Reportedly, an insider told MediaTakeOut.com,

“Kanye is putting together his album and he didn’t want to fly back to [Los Angeles] and mess up his ‘zone.'” The insider added, “But that’s his kid and the woman he loves, how could you just leave her by herself.”

MTO goes on to state that Kim was on the plane LEAVING KANYE IN PARIS – when her complications began. And she’s not out of the woods yet either. NY Post is reporting, “Kim Kardashian is awaiting tests from doctors after her miscarriage scare, according to sources, and friends say the experience has been a ‘wake-up call'” Stay tuned…