BREAKING NEWS. POP STAR JUSTIN BIEBER RUSHED TO HOSPITAL SAYS TMZ. This is crazy! First KELLY OSBOURNE Then KIM KARDASHIAN AND NOW BIEBS. All of this begs the question, did Bieber finally hit the wall…

Justin Bieber was rushed to a hospital in London moments ago … after collapsing backstage during a concert …


Justin Bieber Mexico Wild 2
A source close to Justin tells us … the singer felt woozy during the show at the O2 Arena … and with 4 songs to go, he stumbled backstage where he collapsed. We’re told the singer was pulled into a private room where he was treated with oxygen from emergency personnel. Sources say Bieber was advised to go to the hospital … but declined … insisting that he “had to finish the show for his fans.” That’s when Bieber’s rep, Scooter Braun, went on stage on told the crowd … “Justin’s got very light breath.


The whole show he’s been complaining that he’s back stage with the EMTs and the doctor.” A short time later, JB returned to the stage … completed the show … and got a HUGE ovation. He was transported to the hospital directly after the show … and we’re told he’s still there receiving treatment. tmz

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