The Grammy’s will be on Sunday February 12, 2013. And guess who’s reportedly going to attend the show together. Yes, you guessed it, Rihanna and Chris Brown, might just show up together on the red carpet.chris-brown-rihanna-date-pics

So then you must be wondering why is Karrueche’s name up on the headline of this title? Well apparently she’s also going to be attending the Grammy’s as well. Not part of a menage trois but more like a third wheel. There isn’t any reports yet who she might show up with or if she’s going solo. But this girl recently tweeted, “when you ain’t sh*t, it shows”, allegedly towards Rihanna for showing up to court with Chris Brown. I don’t know what kind of statement Karrueche is trying to make by showing up to the Grammy’s. But this “love” triangle just keeps getting messier and messier.


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