They say that Karma is a bitch… Well this time that bitch karma might be Michael Lohan. Sure Dina and Lindsay always seem to get the spotlight when it comes to taking father Michael to task, always portraying him as the bad guy. But now that Michael’s being given the chance to document his experiences, who knows what family secrets he’ll reveal! The sky is the Lohan! I mean limit!



According to publisher Transmedia Group, Michael’s book is tentatively, and briefly, entitled “I’m Not Your ‘Daddy Dearest’ … If I Can Turn My Life Around, Lindsay Can Turn Hers.” We’re told it will focus on how he became a “Bible-quoting minister, drug interventionist, and successful business man.” But he’ll also be talking about Lindsay.

Michael admits part of the reason he’s writing the book is that Dina Lohan is writing her own scathing memoir — and he wants to tell his side of the story.

Michael says he was also inspired the night “God pulled me from my wrecked car and mangled life before it exploded” — but c’mon … this is about Dina.