I watched enough HBO to know that there’s only one way for a drug addict’s hands to get this way, and that’s from doing very bad things, like smoking crack. But as you might imagine, Charlie Sheen‘s ex, Brooke Mueller is completely denying it telling TMZ that the burn marks and ash residue on her hands is from making — arts and crafts — Um, sure thing Brooke. Since when does somebody use a crack pipe to make jewelry, okay maybe the torch.


Brooke Mueller maintains the black soot-like substance covering her hands last night was NOT from drug use … just good old, fashioned spray paint (which she used for painting).

Brooke was out in L.A. Friday night — just hours after being released from the hospital for an alleged drug overdose — sporting some pretty nasty looking hands.

She tells TMZ … it’s not what you think. Brooke says she’s been spray painting a lot for her artwork.