Legendary Actor and Director, Conrad Janis has created the haunting thriller, BAD BLOOD The Hunger, and I strongly urge you to go see this movie while it is in theaters.

This affair is not the usual slasher movie folks, this is a well thought out journey into the culinary macabre… Oh yeah, bring a bib, because dinner is on you…


Writer and film visionary, Maria Janis, told TheCount.com exclusively,

“We are thrilled to announce the National Release by Regal Cinemas & Edwards Cinemas, of their Chilling Future and Retro Thriller BAD BLOOD THE HUNGER in theaters starting Friday October 26th, just in time for Halloween!”

College students on break have their summer ruined when they are lured into an enclave of ravenous flesh eaters.

Cast: Conrad Janis, Piper Laurie, Rachelle Wood, Sofia Karstens, Maria Grimm.

Director: Conrad Janis.

Check out the trailer here. Buy your tickets in advanceĀ here.