Talk about cultural differences! The parents in this video can be heard laughing in the background — while the baby is repeatedly struck by a huge cobra snake!!! I think this IS child abuse! BUT read the following explanation from the video:

Looking at the video from your point of view, i can feel your concern.. because you have been brought up very differently.. but believe me, this is not at all child abuse… and its not at all dangerous.. These people are tribals. The snake is defanged and has no poison whatsoever.


These people actually worship snakes and the children actually grow up playing with snakes. This isn’t animal abuse either because most of these snakes are ones that have been “rescued” from lands that were previously jungle but have now been turned into concrete jungles… If you visit these villages, you will find children walking around with snakes in their hands, you’ll find snakes comfortably sleeping inside the house with the families.

The villagers feed the snakes and take care of them like their own child. The snake is a sacred animal in India and is worshipped. You can google for “naag panchami.” India is a strange beautiful land.. you must visit, stay and feel it to understand the harmony between man and animal. PS Check out this link below..

Normally people would be shocked.. but to me, this is peaceful coexistence in the true sense.. and a beautiful bond between man and animal :) –end–

I like how they ended this with a smiley face!! arg!!