More world-wide protests have begun again for Lady Gaga’s new tour “Born This Way Ball”. She is not only considered to be ‘pornographic’, but now she’s a ‘devil worshiper’…
ladygagaredtape 500x402 Muslim Group in Indonesia Warns Lady Gaga to Stay Away or Else!

Gaga made it out of Seoul, South Korea last month where she started the new tour, after protesters there got their way by getting her concert to be an ‘adults only’ show, as no people under 18 were allowed in! The group said that Gaga was ‘too pornographic’. LadyGagaAdultsOnly Muslim Group in Indonesia Warns Lady Gaga to Stay Away or Else!With Gaga’s upcoming June 3 concert in Jakarta, Indonesia being a month away, there are already protesters again! An Indonesian Muslim group believes that Gaga promotes devil worship.


Spokesman for the ‘Islamic Defenders Front’ group who is running the Jakarta protest says, “Lady Gaga insults all religions. Even Christians in Korea opposed her. She is promoting the worship of Satan.”

The protesters carry a poster photo of Gaga, with a red line blatantly marked through her picture, with an added message on the art that says, “LADY GAGA GO TO HELL.”

IDF’s chairman Rizieq Shihab warns that if Gaga’s concert goes on as scheduled, then there would be “chaos in Jakarta.” Is that a threat!?

No cancellation announcements for the show have been made yet. Sounds scary!