Christian protesters in the South Korean capital of Seoul, talked authorities into making the anticipated Lady Gaga ‘Born This Way Ball’ concert in Seoul, an ‘adults-only’ event.

The protesters in Seoul have been protesting over Gaga’s concert, which is the first show of her new tour. For weeks, the protesters have been saying that Lady Gaga is “obscene” and could “taint” young people.


Another group who protested her show, the ‘Civilians Network’, said her performances are “too homosexual and pornographic”.

The posters for Lady Gaga’s Seoul concert were then altered after the protesters made their point, and had warnings put over them saying “adult certification”, which means you had to be 18 to enter the concert.

This past week, Lady Gaga herself seemed really excited about her concert in Seoul, as she was even helping build the stage… at least she pretended to use a drill to put in a screw.

For Gaga, we know it was unfortunate that her fans that are under 18 couldn’t see her in Seoul, but she didn’t make a big deal out of the ban surprisingly. She went on her Twitter to say things like, “So happy! The Stage is more than I could dream for, time to kill the dance floor. Off to rehearsal.” She even said that Korea greeted her with a warm tone, tweeting- “What a warm and exciting welcome to Korea. I missed this country so much. Will be asleep in my castle until rehearsal. I love u! Love, Gaga.”

Her concert went on anyway, and had a huge turnout of about 48,000. It was said that Gaga introduced some new costumes like a ‘leotard fashioned from four guitars and a giant piano keyboard headpiece’.