Many who caught Charlie Sheen’s second video go of “Sheen’s Korner” instantly hit Twitter and facebook saying, in one way or another, Sheen looked to be someone under the influence. The Sheen Machine was super charged.

Now common wisdom would say that someone who quits large amounts of drugs, abruptly, might go through a long period of withdraw marked by a lot of down time. Sheen has appeared and even proved through drug tests to do the impossible, springing back to uber-life seemingly instantly. I applaud Sheen for making it this far and pray for it to continue. Having said that…


There is a legal designer drug craze that has left authorities scratching their heads as to how to govern the substance. Sold legally as “Bath Salts” the powder is pushed in head shops and liquor stores and even peddled to Hollywood’s elite. The losing users of the salts, snort, smoke and even inject the foreign substance. The high is said to be simular to cocaine or meth, go figure. And yes, there have been numerous bizarre and violent incidents attributed to the abuse of the salts. The substance does NOT show up in any known drug tests.

With the exception of a few states, the salts are legal. The Feds are surely planning some sort of nationwide ban, grappling with the process of making an unknown stimulant, sold as bath salts, produced in China and India, illegal in America.

I’m just saying.