2 bullies

Two teen girls from Florida have been arrested for creating fake Facebook profiles in the name of a fellow high school student. The naughty girls placed obscene photos on the pages, including one showing their classmate’s head atop the body of a nude prepubescent girl’s body with an erect penis next to the head.

Cyberstalkers Taylor Wynn and accomplice McKenzie Barker didn’t stop with the obscene photos, they also filled in the “About Me” section and wrote- “As you may know, I am a huge whore. I love dick so much.” The 2 girls also made “friends” with 181 people for one of the fake pages.

Heather Wynn, the Mother of Taylor Wynnn asked Taylor why they did such a cruel thing, and Taylor responded- “Because nobody liked her…I thought it would be a funny joke”.


How did they get busted? Well, investigators used search warrants and subpoenas to link their creation to Wynn (via an IP address that led back to an Internet service account in her mother Heather’s name).

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