Ashton Wins The Tweeting Race

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Ryan Seacrest had Larry King Live on this morning discussing Ashton’s triumph over CNN. He now has 1 million followers and beat out the power house entertainment corporation- which Larry King cannot believe actually happened but therefore proves the power of one lonely man. Err..he’s not so lonely. As Larry put it, “he’s got a nice piece of ___ at home”. Ashton will be on Larry King Live tonight- so check that out.  Supposedly Ashton is going to “ding dong ditch” Ted Turner in Atlanta. That should be fun-barring the fact Ted actually opens his own door.

For the past few days, he’d been locked in a race with CNN’s breaking news feed — (@cnnbrk), but just before midnight Thursday he became the first “Twitter millionare.” Around 1:30 he tweeted, “Victory is ours!!!!!!!!” and posted a twitpic of the win.
Kutcher says he’s donating 10,000 mosquito nets to the medical charity Malaria No More to celebrate, and the video-game publisher Electronic Arts says the millionth follower will become a character in “The Sims.” Plus, there’s the promised ding-dong-ditch of Ted Turner’s Atlanta home to look forward to!

Ryan Seacrest and Larry King are also giving 10,000 mosquito nets.  Congrats Ashton! Now what are you going to do? Hopefully something cool instead of sending us all half naked pictures of your wife!@


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