Exclusive: Hollywood’s Bakery to the Stars Dissed by MTV’s The Hills

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L.C.'s cake

If you already caught the new MTV “The Hills” premiere last week, or, if you haven’t watched it on your Tivo yet, there is a little something I’d like to reveal about this episode. I’m not here to give away any big secret to what happens in the episode either, so feel free to continue reading on…

There is a famous bakery in West Hollywood that tends to mostly celebrity clientele. Thet cake shop has done cakes for everyone from Britney Spears to Quentin Tarantino to The Oscars. Oh, and they just did Lady Gaga’s cake!


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One of this iconic cake shop’s recent clients was MTV’s “The Hills.” They created a super special cake for Lauren Conrad’s (L.C.) birthday. My oh my was the cake gorgeous! It was a square cake with red, white and black hand designed roses and pearls. In the middle it said, “Happy Birthday Lauren.” The guys over at the cake shop spent a lot of time decorating this cake along with all of the last minute changes! :)   Oh and did I mention that they even delivered the cake to Lauren Conrad’s yacht birthday party?

Pictures of this cake from the shop that actually made it can be seen here:CakeandArt.com.

Okay, now let’s get to ‘what happened in the season premiere.’

In this episode, it’s mostly focused on L.C.’s birthday party on a yacht. Before the birthday party, L.C.’s friends go and pick up L.C.’s birthday cake. They get to the bakery, and it sure as heck isn’t the cake shop that actually made it! The bakery was “Sweet Lady Jane” on Melrose. What? Yes, MTV/The Hills had the cast pick up Cake and Art’s cake from this other bakery. The cake was never physically shown during the filming at the other bakery. But sure enough when they showed L.C.’s yacht party, they displayed the Cake and Art cake! Then Brody Jenner stuck his face in it…

So anyway, I guess after thinking about this case, we weren’t that surprised. I mean come on, everyone knows that this show is full of ____. Hey, but that’s the decepti- I mean magic of TV!

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