Vivica Fox is running her mouth, trying to get press for her latest job, hosting a reality show called The Cougar. The out of work actress (acting jobs at least) will help a lonely old maid, find love within a bunch of horny 2o something guys.

Vivica spoke to PopEater about the show saying, “I was so happy to see The Cougar was going to be a grown-up, sexy form of a dating show. It’s about that time people understand that cougars are all the rage.”


So what us 20 something girls are dried up has beens? No Vivica, I think that’s you and your acting career. The plastic surgery lover continued making herself look worse when she dished about her celebrity crush…and no it’s not 50 Cent, “Zac Efron is just so gorgeous to me. He’s a hot piece. I went [and saw High School Musical] just to look at those beautiful blue eyes. They’re just wow! Muy caliente.”

She’s speaking spanish now too; leave that to his girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens. I’m sure Zac is saying, thanks, but no thanks.