SuperModelquins you ask? Yes, ridiculously hot mannequins with bodies to die for.

To celebrate the launch of Old Navy’s new advertising campaign, Michelle Trachtenberg (Gossip Girl, Buffy) and Olivia Palermo (The City) were on hand at a party to welcome the Old Navy “Supermodelquins” to the celebrity and VIP life.


Old Navy’s new advertising campaign features the “SuperModelquins” – a diverse group of gossip column-worthy personalities who lead dramatic and fun-filled lives.

Michelle TrachtenbergOlivia Palermo, Supermodelquin

Photos By Sara Jaye Weiss / StarTraks

I love it when my man stands there and looks perfect in argyle!!

Tonight Old Navy is having another event in LA with confirmed celebrities including the Khardashians, Brittany Snow and Maria Menuonos so stay tuned ….

Yay Old Navy!! They like to get down! Wonder if it’s open bar? I’ll come and wear my fleece!!

Why the new advertising campaign? Here is why, as reported by USA Today


“They switched their focus to twenty somethings, and now, they are switching back to being a family store,” says retail expert and analyst Jennifer Black, president of Jennifer Black & Associates. Black says that by keeping teen, tween and basics, Old Navy should still appeal to younger buyers.

The agency that helped revive Burger King with the mute, slightly creepy, plastic-headed King and gave Volkswagen the talking Beetle Max has created for Old Navy the SuperModelquins — Old Navy mannequins who talk about their faux celebrity lives as Old Navy models.

“We’re taking a poke at fashion,” says Alex Bogusky, chief creative officer with Crispin Porter + Bogusky, the edgy agency that made the ads. “We’re doing it in an entertaining way with some characters that are having fun and feeling good.”

The personalities, whose profiles and videos are on social-networking sites such as Facebook, include women such as “newly single” Eva, 33, whose style is “saucy and feminine,” and “troublemaker” Amy, 25, whose style is “fun and funky.”

I LOVED the Burger King Man…especially when he was in bed with people..hahah