Vatican Tweets About Batman!

The Vatican seriously tweeted about Batman.

LOL! And the link takes you to the Vatican Communications Office.


Also about Batman! This “mistake” alarmed many a people thinking that the Vatican got hacked. But that’s not the case. A Vatican spokesperson told the Associated Press that the story was posted by a non-native English speaker.

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James JOKER Holmes Court Appearance: Why The Freakishly Huge Pupils?

James Holmes, AKA, the Joker, The man responsible for killing 12 people and injuring a staggering 58 opening fire at a midnight showing of The Dark Knight is now sitting in a Denver courtroom.James_Holmes_photo3_120920_620x465
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Comedian Jeff Ross Shows Up As Joe Paterno At Roseanne Barr Roast

At this weekend’s filming of Comedy Central’s “Roast of Roseanne Barr,” you can only imagine just how far the jokes were taken!

Comedian Jeff Ross apparently stretched our imagination, and pulled such a controversial stunt at the show, Comedy Central is blocking the whole bit according to TMZ.
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Did MTV Star Use Fake Movie Massacre Story To Promote New Movie?

Hilarious that major news outlets are falling for this ridiculas lie! A MTV sleazebag is promoting his miserable new movie by saying suspected Aurora theater shooter, James Holmes, called him twice about a month before the massacre.

Pimp My Ride’s Diggity Dave told KNX that a guy, calling himself “James Holmes,” phoned him in June. And why would the Joker call this idiot? Dave says it was about his upcoming film, “The Suffocator of Sins.” … Continue Reading Post


I have had countless requests for more information about the woman who was sitting to the left of the Joker, James Holmes, throughout his courtroom advisement. Her name is Tamara Brady, and she was randomly picked as Holmes’ assigned public defender. While suspects usually interact with their defenders during the judge’s address, Holmes sat completely silent — rolling his eyes and practically falling asleep… Continue reading


Official! Batman 3 in Theaters Summer 2012! Plus Catwoman and Riddler Posters

It’s official! Batman 3 has been announced! July 20, 2012 is the official theatrical release date for the film. If the world is still here in 2012, I’ll definitely be in the theater for this one! I wonder who the new villain will be???

Internet speculation seems to be pointing towards ‘Catwoman’ and/or ‘The Riddler’. If they cast Jim Carrey as the Riddler again, I would be into it! I think it would work. IMDB … Continue Reading Post