Oliver Stone Blows The Cover Off History Books With ‘Untold History of the United States’

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Film director, screenwriter and producer, Oliver Stone‘s “”The Untold History of the United States,” goes way beyond thought-provoking – and straight into conspiracy theory.

Incorporating a revisionist view, there is no doubt that it is Stone’s aim to set the record straight, but in the process he makes the official explanation seem like a fairytale, which for most will dip his timeline into the moniker of conspiracy theorierist.




The episode I watched was about America’s decision to drop the atom bomb on Japan, not once, but twice. According to Stone, the war was just about over, when Truman made the decision to push the button and it is more than suggested that he did it for reasons of vanity, which of course would make him the world’s biggest mass murderer, right alongside of Hitler, who was also featured prominently in an effort to connect the dirty dots.

Appearing on Showtime, Stone’s series literally rewrites the history books, or iPads or whatever they’re teaching the kids with these days. And whether you like that fact or not, the bottom line is – it’s a story that must be told – and who better to tell it then Oliver Stone.

When asked about how history should remember Pres. Truman, Stone put it this way,

“When Harry Truman became President it was a bit of an accident. It was an ugly story, we go into it where he became Vice President on a party boss ticket and he inherited the presidency, he wasn’t prepared for it. He didn’t even know there was an atomic bomb being built. When he found out … he thought it was a terrific idea and he knew that he had the upper hand now in his dealings with the world. He not only had the right arm of good and power but he had the bomb and the bomb made all his decisions easier to make and I think this was a huge moment in our history.”

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