July 11, 2012

Tom Cruise Flips Out Over ‘House Of Horrors’ Enquirer Cover

Why is this National Enquirer magazine cover so funny to me?! Is it because Paula Deen is cramming her mouth with a huge sandwich, or is it because Cruise’s photo depicts him freaking out with a gaped mouth?
EnquirerHouseofHorrorsTomKat Tom Cruise Flips Out Over House Of Horrors Enquirer Cover
It’s certainly not funny seeing Katie Holmes look like a victim of abuse and living in a ‘house of horrors’…

I was once told by a friend who has spent a LONG time working in media, that the Enquirer does have a lot of legit stories, even though they seem blown out of proportion. I never forgot what he said, so I have to wonder…

Could Cruise really be abusive? Did he really punish Kate Holmes? Did he humiliate her? Is the ‘real’ Tom ‘really’ a monster?

He very well could be, considering that he flipped out today and called his lawyer to handle the boiling situation. Cruise’s lawyer Bert Fields, sent the Enquirer office a letter demanding they take down the papers from stores, or else!
Cruiselawyerletter 500x491 Tom Cruise Flips Out Over House Of Horrors Enquirer Cover
Hollywood Reporter snagged this exclusive story earlier, as they also obtained the letter from Fields to the Enquirer- and uploaded it for us to see! Check out the letter by clicking on this: Cruise 7.11.12 L-American Media, Inc..


Do you think Cruise is really a mad man? Or, do you think Enquirer is blowing the story out of proportion? Thoughts below!

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