by Lisa Mason Lee
on December 31, 2008

Charlize Theron dipped in tanner waist down?

Seen in New York at the 5th Anniversary of CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund party, CHARLIZE THERON looks as if she has been dipped feet first into a bowl of fake tan!

charlize theron 654112j Charlize Theron dipped in tanner waist down?

We always love her golden glow, but this time we’re not sure what to think. This picture may have been altered in Photoshop…

Or it could be for real! Maybe she ran out of time to tan her arms and face???

If you’re a faker baker, would you tan your legs ONLY?

by Count
on December 29, 2008

Michael J Fox Jams With ‘The Who’

244foxmichael092806 thumb 244x327 223x300 Michael J Fox Jams With The Who

It was a once in a lifetime opportunity, even for a beloved celebrity of Michael J. Fox’s caliber, Wednesday November 5th when Fox got to play with The Who. Even Michael acknowledged the monumental moment when he addressed the crowd at his annual A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Cure Parkinson’s event, saying:

“”This is almost worth getting Parkinson’s for!” Michael J. Fox declared as he took the stage to play guitar with The Who in New York City Wednesday night.

The actor – who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 1991 – rocked out to the legendary band’s “Magic Bus,” trading licks and windmill guitar riffs with Pete Townshend.”


With Fox’s wife Tracey Pollan by his side, MJF has a lot to celebrate lately. Ryan Reynolds recently ran the New York Marathon raising $79,000 for Michael’s Parkinson foundation; and Ryan was front and center with his newlywed bride, Scarlett Johansson at the event. Also Michael is celebrating the election of Barack Obama into Presidential office:

“At the event, Fox spoke of his delight at the election of Barack Obama as president and hope he would be more forthcoming into looking into stem cell research to find a possible cure for Parkinson’s. He said: ‘I’m positive that one of the first things that Obama is going to do … is revisit the George W. Bush’s ban on stem cell research. I’m really excited.’”

Daily Mail

I really hope so MJF! Michael is probably best remembered for his role as Mary McFly in the “Back to the Future” series of films but was also a staple on the series “Family Ties,” in which he played a very lovable young republican named Alex P. Keaton (I can almost hear Alex making plans for a Palin campaign in 2012.) Regardless of their political leanings Fox’s characters have always been infused with the actors’ great sense of humor and I’m hopeful research will advance at a pace great enough to keep him around for many more generations to enjoy.

by Porsche
on December 29, 2008

Now this is a Christmas Family Photo, Kardashian & Co.

kardashian family 300x221 Now this is a Christmas Family Photo, Kardashian & Co.

Kim Kardashian loves displaying her life through photos on her official site, but this is a photograph she should have kept locked away. It’s supposed to be the official Jenner/Kardashian family photo, but it looks more like they’re posing for their own individual photo shoot.

Everyone has their own personal space, where they looked at the camera like there was no one around. And, oh yeah, every pre-teenage girl wears a pair of Christian Loubutins. Need I notice that once again, Brody Jenner is not included in the family photo.

by Porsche
on December 29, 2008

A Broke Son + a Tightfisted Millionaire = Regis Philbin!

He should’ve retired years ago, Regis Philbin, has a son who happens to be extremely broke, due to suffering from a spinal cord defect that lead to getting his legs amputated. He is so broke, his wife decided to talk to National Enquiry about how  penniless they are.regis philbin1 A Broke Son + a Tightfisted Millionaire = Regis Philbin!

“Our finances have gotten so bad we had to file for debt consolidation, and we barely have enough money to eat. Sometimes we have to borrow money from friends to buy food!” Judy Philbin told The Enquirer.

“To make ends meet, Danny has taken odd jobs. He worked for a while at a bookstore and more recently, he’s been working 12-hour days making decorated light switch covers to sell at weekend craft fairs.

“But at this point, we don’t even have enough money to pay the $70 fee for a booth at a craft fair!”

Judy is appealing to her famous father-in-law through The Enquirer because she says: “Danny is too afraid to ask his father for help.”

His father, you know, the man whose made millions from his television show Regis and Kelly. Hopefully, this cry out for attention, I mean money will reach out to the old man and he’ll help his son out.

by Porsche
on December 9, 2008

Oprah is a Fat Whale!

oprah winfrey 241x300 Oprah is a Fat Whale!

Or at least she thinks she is. She says she’s fallen off the bandwagon and her BMI is 31.8, which is considered obese by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In her January issue of O Magazine, Oprah says, “I’m mad at myself. I’m embarrassed. I can’t believe that after all these years, all the things I know how to do, I’m still talking about my weight. I look at my thinner self and think, ‘How did I let this happen?’” Well Oprah, maybe its because you go to the finest restaurants which I’m sure includes the finest ingredients of fat from other countries.

She continued ranting and said she gained 60 pounds in two years, because of an out of balance thyroid condition made her scared to work out.

During the week of January 5th, Oprah will bring on her personal trainer and spirtual experts to talk about healthy living.

Of course she realizes that she’s fat at the beginning of the year, when EVERYONE thinks they’re fat and makes that crazy new years resolution to lose weight.

I think her photoshopped image…I mean, her 2006 photo is too thin for her; lose a few pounds and enjoy life.

by Porsche
on December 9, 2008

He’s Sexy and Green!

pharrell williams 300x300 Hes Sexy and Green!

Pharrell Williams is one of the most gorgeous celebs to me.

Not only is he hott   but he’s going green.

According to WWD, Williams has partnered with Bionic Yam, a company which produces premium fabrics & yarns using recycled bottles.

Williams is a spokesman, part owner, and investor of the company.

A hott guy who cares about the environment, and my mom says I have bad taste in guys!

by Lisa Mason Lee
on December 9, 2008

EXCLUSIVE: Inside Jim Morrison’s Birthday Party @ Barney’s Beanery

Tonight December 8, 2008

Inside Jim Morrison’s 65th Birthday at Barney’s Beanery in West Hollywood, California…

Spotlights, classic cars, paparazzi, a huge line of people all waiting to get into the super exclusive Birthday party for the World Famous Legend: Jim Morrison.

jim morrison 1 291x300 EXCLUSIVE: Inside Jim Morrisons Birthday Party @ Barneys Beanery

Jim Morrison

Inside…Camera flashes, musicians, radio personalities, Jim Morrison fans, Doors fans and a HUGE 5 foot long, 3-piece cake for everyone! Band members Robby Krieger and Ray Manzarek LIVE in person getting slammed with cameras and fans galore. TV screens all around Barney’s displaying a photo slide show of The Doors. Exclusive Doors music cranking…

robbieraycake EXCLUSIVE: Inside Jim Morrisons Birthday Party @ Barneys Beanery

Ray & Robby

Meanwhile, we sat down in a booth and continued our radio show on BlogTalkRadio. We ordered some complimentary all-you-can-eat food on the house! Thank you guys! Ray Manzarek had a little break so we went in for the photo opp! Ray Manzarek is super welcoming and very nice! Soon after, it was time to cut the cake.

Robby and Ray, standing together cutting Jim’s Birthday cake! Wow! Flash bulb frenzy! They cut the cake and began singing “Happy Birthday to Jim”. Jim’s vibe was strong and present. Jim actually used to sit in the booth where the cake was placed. That exact spot was Jim’s favorite.

Robby and Ray then moved over to the bar area for another photo op. The guys then joined up with radio personality Jim Ladd, and began the KLOS 95.5 LIVE feed at Barney’s. Memories, stories and facts about Jim and The Doors pinged a whirlwind of joy into the crowd.

lisaray EXCLUSIVE: Inside Jim Morrisons Birthday Party @ Barneys Beanery

Lisa & Ray

Actor Corey Feldman walks on by! Oh yes. Corey Feldman from ‘The Goonies’, ‘The Lost Boys’, ‘The Burbs’ and ‘Stand By Me’ just to name a few of his films. We caught up with Corey and he told us that he has been focusing on music lately. Aside from his busy film schedule, Corey is a singer-songwriter and producer. Corey has been in the recording studio working with legendary artists. He has been working with friend/musician Jon Carin, who has played with Roger Waters from Pink Floyd. Corey also brought in buddy Scott Page on his album, who was the sax player for Pink Floyd. Corey is a super nice guy with a lot of depth. We’re interested to hear his music. Love him! We are going to have Corey on soon enough!

lisacodycorey EXCLUSIVE: Inside Jim Morrisons Birthday Party @ Barneys Beanery

Lisa, Corey & Kody

We lastly got our hands on a piece of Jim’s Birthday cake. Jim’s cake was provided by West Hollywood’s #1 Celebrity cake shop, “Cake and Art”.   They make cakes for every occasion from weddings to TV shows to celebrities and musicians. They even make doggie treats too!

What a wonderful birthday celebration. It was so amazing to see Robby Krieger and Ray Manzarek together again. We love you Jim! Happy 65th! XOXO

To listen to our LIVE broadcast from the party CLICK HERE

countcake EXCLUSIVE: Inside Jim Morrisons Birthday Party @ Barneys Beanery


by Porsche
on December 8, 2008

She’s pretty, but not Perfect

Photos of Jessica Alba  posing for  her Campari campain have leaked the internet. But these aren’t just any photos, its Jessica BEFORE photoshop took its toll. If you notice the Good Luck Chuck actress was given tighter abs, smaller thighs, hips, a tan, even her boobs were pushed higher and spread further apart.   And the water picture, her hips were made much smaller and they even added water. What’s the point of having your picture taken if you don’t even end up looking like yourself?

by Lisa Mason Lee
on December 8, 2008

Rihanna T.I.’s Live Your Life song is a RIP-OFF

Can any of this mainstream POP, HIP-HOP or even ROCK go get their OWN ORIGINALITY???

dragonswhatevercover1 150x150 Rihanna T.I.s Live Your Life song is a RIP OFF

Since we are familiar with all genres of music here at, we can spot a RIP right away! The hook from the new Rihanna and T.I. song “Live Your Life” was taken from European Dance group “O-Zone”.

ti rihanna 210x300 Rihanna T.I.s Live Your Life song is a RIP OFF

The ORIGINAL song by O-Zone is named “Dragostea Din Tei”.

O-Zone’s hook is the EXACT same!

Ma-ia hii
Ma-ia huu
Ma-ia hoo
Ma-ia haha

Watch and listen to the “O-Zone” version: CLICK HERE

Now Watch and listen to the Rihanna & T.I. version: CLICK HERE

You didn’t actually think Rhianna and T.I. came up with that hook themselves did ya?

by Lisa Mason Lee
on December 7, 2008

Exclusive Pictures of Jessica Biel @ Children’s Hospital in LA

Jessica Biel, actress and girlfriend of Justin Timberlake, is out doing some GOOD while other stars are out being naughty.

jess1 300x225 Exclusive Pictures of Jessica Biel @ Childrens Hospital in LA

Jessica Biel with kids

Jessica was at the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles spending time with kids for the holidays.

“Make the Difference Network” sponsored the event along with Hasbro Toys and Celebrity Bakery “Cake and Art.” Jessica and the kids decorated cupcakes, hung out with Santa Claus and got a special music performance from Alex & Dan from band “The Calling.”

Kody Christiansen from Cake and Art in West Hollywood said that Jessica was super “cool” and “nice.” She’s not like some other “fake-nice” stars.

Thx for the pics Kody!

jessica2 300x225 Exclusive Pictures of Jessica Biel @ Childrens Hospital in LA