It was a once in a lifetime opportunity, even for a beloved celebrity of Michael J. Fox’s caliber, Wednesday November 5th when Fox got to play with The Who. Even Michael acknowledged the monumental moment when he addressed the crowd at his annual A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Cure Parkinson’s event, saying:


“”This is almost worth getting Parkinson’s for!” Michael J. Fox declared as he took the stage to play guitar with The Who in New York City Wednesday night.

The actor – who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 1991 – rocked out to the legendary band’s “Magic Bus,” trading licks and windmill guitar riffs with Pete Townshend.”


With Fox’s wife Tracey Pollan by his side, MJF has a lot to celebrate lately. Ryan Reynolds recently ran the New York Marathon raising $79,000 for Michael’s Parkinson foundation; and Ryan was front and center with his newlywed bride, Scarlett Johansson at the event. Also Michael is celebrating the election of Barack Obama into Presidential office:

“At the event, Fox spoke of his delight at the election of Barack Obama as president and hope he would be more forthcoming into looking into stem cell research to find a possible cure for Parkinson’s. He said: ‘I’m positive that one of the first things that Obama is going to do … is revisit the George W. Bush’s ban on stem cell research. I’m really excited.’”

Daily Mail

I really hope so MJF! Michael is probably best remembered for his role as Mary McFly in the “Back to the Future” series of films but was also a staple on the series “Family Ties,” in which he played a very lovable young republican named Alex P. Keaton (I can almost hear Alex making plans for a Palin campaign in 2012.) Regardless of their political leanings Fox’s characters have always been infused with the actors’ great sense of humor and I’m hopeful research will advance at a pace great enough to keep him around for many more generations to enjoy.