Christina Aguilera wasn’t wiggin’ out this time at the American Music Awards last night, but Lady Gaga was wiggin’ out platinum as usual! Can we say HOT HOT HOT! Wow we are taken by Miss Lady Gaga’s performance at the AMA Interscope after party ! But before she highlighted the night, musicians JC Chasez (Nsync), Enrique Iglesias, Tyrese, Bai Ling, Tila Tequila and show openers “LMFAO” were all in attendance!

The smart and talented actress Bai Ling looking fierce as always, stopped to chat first. Miss Ling is not only an actress, but she is working on some music herself. She writes her own lyrics and the tidbits of her sneak peak were too naughty to post!


She’s not one to bad mouth her fellow artists like some people do. Rumors are flying that Pop artist Christina Aguilera stole Lady Gaga’s platinum look. Bai did not agree. “I don’t think she stole Lady’s look. Christina’s been around way longer than Lady and she’s always had her own style.” Ling said.

Soon after, one of our fav’s Tila Tequila came by. She arrived with her on and off girlfriend Courtenay Semel. Tila dreads the dating questions but we asked her anyway.

Are you and Courtenay back together? Is she your girlfriend?

Tila replied: “I don’t know are we? (looking at Courtenay) She’s fabulous. I love my GIRLFRIEND. We hate the media. They always scrutinize us. So F**k the media!”

Musicians Tyrese, LMFAO, and JC Chasez (Nsync) all posed for pics. No chatter from them.

Also seen in the club, but no red carpet stop was Enrique Iglesias! What’s he up to?

The night wrapped up with Lady Gaga’s super energetic performance. Stealing the crowd’s attention with her white plastic futuristic leotard and long platinum hair, she truly knocked our socks off. Dancing and actually singing through every song, she had a group of hot half There men surrounding her and even picking her up like a doll! She is so the “it” thing. Oh and her body-like Beyonce, Suzanne Summers and Marilyn Monroe combined! Might be Interscope’s BEST artist. Better hold on to her…