December 9, 2016

American Hero John Glenn And The Family He Left Behind

American hero, astronaut, John Glenn was not only the first man to orbit the Earth, he was also a U.S. senator. Glenn passed away leaving behind a wife, two grown children and two grandchildren.

Glenn was being treated at James Cancer Hospital since last week before dying at age 95. He had suffered a stroke two years ago and his health has been in question ever since.

Glenn and his wife, Annie, were always close to their children. They raised their children in a loving home, while the family had to move many times for John’s Marine Corps career. Continue reading

December 9, 2016

16 HILARIOUS Times People THOUGHT They Had Just Met A Celebrity But Were SO WRONG

Is that who we think it is? You know, that guy from that movie or that singer from that band? Before you go all selfie crazy, step back, put down the camera and look again.

The following 16 people thought they had just reached social media stardom by meeting their favorite star, the problem is, that star is really just an everyday joe, who missed fame and fortune by that much..

The above woman is so excited and she just just can’t hide it after thinking she just met her favorite rapper, Drake. Continue reading

December 8, 2016

BOOMBOOM! Miss BumBum 2016 Crowned And The Winner Is…

Erika Canela has been declared Miss BumBum 2016, the winner in the annual search for Brazil’s best backside.

Canela, a 20-something model and medical student, beat out 14 other finalists to take the trophy along with a cash prize. Canela not only is the latest winner of the yearly contest but also has made history with her victory.

According to TMZ in their report, the 20-year-old model Canela became the first black woman to win the Brazilian pageant during its six-year span. The contest to crown the best “bum” in the South American country featured more than 17 million people voting to determine the winner. Continue reading

December 8, 2016

8.0 Earthquake Generates HAWAII TSUNAMI Watch

A magnitude 8.0 earthquake has struck 63km WSW of Kirakira, Solomon Islands.

The PACIFIC TSUNAMI WARNING CENTER has issued a tsunami watch for coastal areas of Hawaii.

2016-12-08 17:38:48 UTC 10.700°S 161.400°E 40.0 km depth
Nearby Places
Direction data indicate the position of the event relative to the place.
Kirakira, Solomon Islands
63.1 km (39.2 mi) WSWPopulation: 1,122
Honiara, Solomon Islands
211.9 km (131.7 mi) SEPopulation: 56,298
Arawa, Papua New Guinea
810.5 km (503.6 mi) … Continue Reading Post

December 7, 2016

Who Is Linda McMahon? And Why Did Trump Pick Her To Head Small Business Administration?

President-Elect Donald Trump has officially nominated pro-wrestling magnate Linda McMahon as the administrator of Small Business Administration. She is known for her career developing WWE with her husband Vince McMahon. McMahon was active with WWE from 1980 to 2009. Her net worth is currently valued at $500 million.

McMahon, 68, a former Republican Party candidate, has been on the radar as a top choice for Trump’s small business chief, as noted by Politico in late November:

“Linda McMahon, a professional wrestling executive and former Republican contender for Connecticut’s U.S. Senate seats, is among the top contenders to lead Trump’s Small Business Administration, sources close to the matter tell POLITICO. Continue reading

December 7, 2016

Brad Pitt DENIED: Judge Says NO To Request To Seal Divorce Custody Dispute Details

A judge has denied a request made by council representing Brad Pitt to seal details about his custody dispute with estranged wife Angelina Jolie Pitt. Los Angeles Superior Court Richard J. Burdge Jr. rejected Pitt’s request in a written order Wednesday morning.

Pitt had sought to seal details of his custody dispute with Jolie Pitt at an emergency hearing, but Burdge declined to hear the petition on an expedited basis.

Jolie Pitt filed for divorce in September and currently has primary custody of their six children. Pitt’s motion came two days after the release of a custody agreement he and his estranged wife reached in late October that calls for the actor to have visitation with his children under the guidance of a therapist. Continue reading

December 7, 2016

Remembering TOP 10 Leading PR Execs Most Hilariously WRONG Election Predictions

The pre-election predictions of communications professionals across the board proved to be completely and quite hilariously wrong, most predicting a landslide for loser Hillary Clinton.

But how could EVERY PR executive in America have been so far off the mark? Or could it be this was simply a case of a widespread dishonest mainstream media?

PRWeek published “They’re with her: PR execs predict a resounding Clinton victory,” in which reported the pre-election predictions of 22 communications professional – not one of whom predicted Donald Trump would win the election. Continue reading

December 6, 2016

REPORT: Meet “Patton” The Puppy That Is To Become Trump’s FIRST DOG

Lois Pope, a prominent philanthropist in Palm Beach, Fla., claims she in possession of a 9-week-old golden retriever poodle mix aka a Goldendoodle, that will soon become Donald Trump and the Trump family’s first dog.

Pope, a close friend of the Trump family for over two decades, said she has been in contact with the president-elect about acquiring the Goldendoodle barring Barron‘s approval.

Pope, a well-known advocate for veterans’ and animal causes, said in an interview Tuesday that she is a lock for becoming the breeder of the future first dog. “He said, ‘Go over there and show it to Barron,’” Pope said, referring to Trump’s 10-year-old son. “He said, ‘He’s going to fall in love with him.’ He said, ‘Barron will want him.’” Continue reading

December 6, 2016

Who Is Edgar Maddison Welch? And What The Hell Is PizzaGate?

Edgar Maddison Welch, the rifle toting North Carolina man who is accused of threatening employees of Washington, D.C. pizza restaurant, Comet Ping Pong, claims he was self-investigating a viral conspiracy theory that claims high-ranking Democrats are involved in a child sex trafficking ring.

Welch, 28, was arrested after entered the restaurant carrying an assault rifle at about 3 p.m. Sunday. Reports say he pointed the weapon at an employee and demanded information on the scandal. Police said Welch was trying to find proof of “PizzaGate,” which police dubbed a “fictitious online conspiracy theory,” by the mainstream media.


The employees and diners inside the restaurant were able to flee, and police said Welch, of Salisbury, fired his gun after they left. No one was injured. Police responded to the scene and Welch was arrested without incident. Continue reading

December 6, 2016

Tupac Collaborator Rapper Big Syke FOUND DEAD

Big Syke, the rapper who collaborated with fellow, late rapper, Tupac, has passed away. He was 48.

Syke, whose real name is Tyruss Himes, performed on some of Tupac’s biggest hits. He was found dead in his Hawthorne, CA home Monday. A cause of death has not yet been determined although foul play is not suspected.


Syke was a longtime friend of Tupac, and dropped verses on a bunch of his tracks, such as “All Eyez on Me,” “Picture Me Rollin'” and “Check Out Time.” He was also a member of Tupac’s Thug Life group. Syke was found dead at his home in Hawthorne, CA late Monday night. Law enforcement sources tell us cops responded first to a call to the scene, and then the L.A. County Coroner arrived. Continue reading