Man Dies After Denied 36 Times From 25 Hospitals In 2 Hours

A few days after a nurse refused to give a dying person CPR, a 75-year-old Japanese man died after being turned away from 25 different hospitals, all who cited a lack of beds and staff as their reason for denial.


Reports say that the senior requested medical attention 36 times at area hospitals, all within two hours time, on January 6, after he started experiencing chest pains and having trouble breathing.

The man called an ambulance which arrived at his residence in short order and when Paramedics arrived they provided first aid and called several hospitals in order to get the elderly resident admitted, but, out of all 25 hospitals in the city and the neighboring areas contacted, all responded that they were not equipped to receive the dying senior.

Eventually emergency med techs were able to find a location where he could be treated, but by that time his condition had already worsened to the point he passed away in the ambulance.

Doctors pronounced him dead upon arrival at the hospital, three hours after he made the original call alerting emergency services of his condition.

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6.9 Earthquake Rocks Japan


Screen Shot 2013-02-02 at 7.06.36 AM

Region:                            HOKKAIDO, JAPAN REGION
Geographic coordinates:            42.812N, 143.078E
Magnitude:                        6.9
Depth:                            103 km
Universal Time (UTC):              2 Feb 2013  14:17:34
Time near the Epicenter:           2 Feb 2013  23:17:34
Local standard time in your area:  2 Feb 2013  14:17:34


Location with respect to nearby cities:
109 km (68 miles) W (261 degrees) of Kushiro, Hokkaido, Japan
120 km (75 miles) SSE (152 degrees) of Asahikawa, Hokkaido, Japan
144 km (89 miles) ESE (102 degrees) of Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan
844 km (525 miles) NNE (19 degrees) of TOKYO, Japan

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Rita Ora GET SOME REST! Tour Takes Toll – Tokyo Airport

Holy smokes! Singer Rita Ora is looking kind of scary deplaning in Japan… No makeup? No Sleep? Too many drugs? Combo deal?


‘Hot Right Now’ singer Rita Ora looks like she’s either been in a fight or hasn’t had enough sleep with way too much partying as she was papped arriving at Tokyo’s Narita International Airport.Though she looked exhausted and make up free the 21-year-old happily posed and smiled for pictures.

Having recently coming off her Australian Tour last week it looks like the showbiz life is taking it toll on the singer, Rita Ora normally well put together happily posed for pictures in her tracksuit bottoms and trainers.

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Latin Girls Adopting Human Barbie Doll Look

mexican girls dress up like dolls Latin Girls Adopting Human Barbie Doll Lolita Look

The Japanese fashion phenomenon, born in the underground clubs of Tokyo and Osaka, has now made its way onto the streets Eccentric fashions, inspired by western Gothic, Victoriana and Rococo style have taken on a cultish following…

mexican girls dress up like dolls 5 Latin Girls Adopting Human Barbie Doll Lolita Look
From the same family as Phaidon’s bestselling Fruits and Fresh Fruits, this is a new and exclusive collection of photographs taken in the downtown areas of Harajuka and Akihabara, by the cult photographer Masayuki Yoshinaga.

mexican girls dress up like dolls 4 Latin Girls Adopting Human Barbie Doll Lolita Look

Hundreds of teenagers pose for the camera in their imaginative and often surreal outfits and offer personal insights into the ideas behind their personal fashion choices.

mexican girls dress up like dolls 3 Latin Girls Adopting Human Barbie Doll Lolita Look

A mixture of high fashion and homemade items, their creations provide inspiration to professional and would-be designers, as well as teenagers and ‘Gothic’ fans.

mexican girls dress up like dolls 2 Latin Girls Adopting Human Barbie Doll Lolita Look

First Wave Japan Tsunami Debris Washes Ashore West Coast

It has taken 9 long months to arrive and now tons of debris jolted and washed away to sea after Japan’s huge earthquake and resulting tsunami is finally starting to arrive on shore in Washington state.

japan junk arriving on west coast shore First Wave Japan Tsunami Debris Washes Ashore West Coast

At least ten buoys belonging to Japanese oyster farmers washed ashore after traveling afloat a staggering 4500 miles and there is a heck of a lot more junk, in fact an estimated 100 tons is all on its way most expected to come ashore on California’s golden coast and other west coast cities for at least another 2 years.

Radiation in Jet Filtration Returning From Japan

CHICAGO, O’HARE — Folks returning from Japan on commercial airliners have tested positive for radiation.

In what is being reported as “trace amounts,” the radiation was also detected in the filtration system of the aircraft and also on luggage.

“We are aware of the radiation,” stated a Chicago Aviation Department spokesman “We are adding screenings and precautionary measures.”