Brody Jenner GOES APE-CRAP After Dude grabs Kendall

Kendall Jenner has a booty guard and he goes by the name Brody..

In a new teaser clip just released from the next episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Brody Jenner and Kendall are in Thailand on a family vacation when a man sitting on a nearby stool gives Kendall some unwanted attention in the form of an assgrab..

brody jenner kendall

“Brody, that guy just touched my ass,” she explains. “That guy just grabbed my ass.” Bruce Jenner‘s son does not take the news lightly, turning to approach the groper and reprimand him. Continue reading

The Bachelor Sean Lowe Special Messages Final 3 Women

Are you guys into the season’s The Bachelor? Why not check it out? It’s on tonight at 8PM PST on ABC.


“I want to find my wife here more than anything, but I don’t know if I have the words, I don’t know if I have the courage. I mean it kills me inside.”


Prepare for one emotional episode tonight, Bachelor Nation! Sean Lowe is down to his final three ladies and must send another one home—someone he “has really strong feelings for,” Sean says in our exclusive sneak peek from tonight’s episode of the ABC reality hit. “I know it’s going to hurt,” Sean admits.

Sean palyed a practical joke on Desiree on their very first one-on-one date.  Desiree got him back with a visit from an “ex-boyfriend.”  Did her joke go too far?  Or was it her brother that rubbed him the wrong way?

America’s Top Model Winner Disfigured Face In Freak Accident

Lisa D’Amato winner of 2011’s America’s Next Top Model is recovering from a freak accident that involved her money maker, her face…
Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 4.57.13 PM D’Amato, 32, posted graphic pictures on her Instagram showing lacerations and swollen face.


#nomakeup #today #apology #pleaseDonTworry #recovery So it seems so many got really scared from those accident pics I posted. They are reAl but,… I am recovering very well. So well, that I’ll have no scars and look even better. Thanks to those that have been compassionate with heartfelt words of encouragement. I apologize if those pictures scared some of you, I was not trying to shock anyone but trying to keep it real on what is going on in my life. My life is an open book.


I guess I’m a bit of a tomboy- not vanity obsessed so I’m not too concerned about showing the ugly part of life. I was not doing a crazy acrobatic move, it was quite easy actually- one I’ve done with a partner since I was a child. It truly was a strange freak accident. Truth is- s**t happens! But I will be just fine and will jump right back into my career being better and stronger than ever! Thanks for all the kind wishes and concerns. See you in Thailand Thailand and the PHILIPPINES this February & will be gladly willing to show off my new Disney Princess face that Dr. Magic said I’d have after healing.

The accident occurred last week at a Colorado hotel shortly after the actress wrapped filming of Cowboys and Indians. Her reps have been tightlipped has to actually how the injuries were sustained.

Ikea Transgender Commercial Causes Uproar

By request. More info below video.

In an open letter to Ikea, the Thai Transgender Alliance lambasted the ad as “a parody of a weirdo” that “perpetuates a misunderstanding of transgenderism as a ‘deceitful and deviant lifestyle.’ ” The video is “negative and stereogypical in nature,” according to the group, which also called it a “gross violation of human rights and freedom of expression.”

Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 10.28.53 AM

“Media representation … should evolve and become as diverse as the community those images strive to reflect,” the group wrote. Otherwise, it warned, it could perpetuate attitudes toward the transgender population that “lead to violence and various forms of abuses such as sexual harassment.”

The group is demanding an official statement from Ikea.

GIANT LIZARDS Shock Secret Service Ahead Of President

The Bangkok Post is reporting, United States Secret Service agents were shocked after coming face-to-face with giant water monitor lizards living on Government grounds.

Reports say that a Presidential advance team misstook the harmless beasts for ferocious, carnivorous Komodo dragons, found in other areas of Indonesia.

Indigenous folks were able to calm the nerves of the SS after explaining the domicile nature of the huge creatures.

The US security officers also paid special attention to antique cannons at the Government House’s lawn. They inspected them carefully and inquired about the objects.

Thai officials told them the cannons are relics of the King Rama VI era and have no cannonballs. They were placed at the Government House for decorative purposes only.

Meanwhile, Pres. Obama will visit Thailand starting Sunday visiting five different locations that have been cleared by the US explosive ordnance disposal team.