UNITED CURSED? Now SCORPION BITES Airline Passenger Mid-Flight!

First the leggings, then the dragging, and now, a United Airlines passenger was stung mid-flight by what airline officials believe was a scorpion.

The shocking incident, which resulted in the passenger reeling in pain, happened last week on a flight from Houston to Calgary, Canada.

In a statement, the airline said that the passenger, whose identity has not been released, received medical attention when the flight landed. According to airline officials, the sting was not life-threatening. h/t 6abc

The airline said it has reached out to the customer to apologize for the incident.

The scorpion encounter happened just days before a high-profile incident in which law enforcement officers were called to forcibly remove a ticketed passenger from a flight to make room for United employees.

That passenger, Dr. David Dao, claims he suffered from a ‘significant concussion,’ his attorneys said Thursday. The incident has prompted massive public outrage fueled by social media.

Walmart Shopper Finds LIVE SCORPION In Bunch Of Bananas

An unlucky Walmart shopper found a live scorpion that actually pinched his hand while he was reaching into a bin of bananas.

The Pennsylvania man, who did not wish to be identified, told CBS Pittsburgh that he was in a state of disbelief after feeling the sharp sensation in his thumb.

live scorpion bananas

“I yanked my arm out and flung it, and this scorpion flopped to the ground,” he said. Continue reading