An unlucky Walmart shopper found a live scorpion that actually pinched his hand while he was reaching into a bin of bananas.

The Pennsylvania man, who did not wish to be identified, told CBS Pittsburgh that he was in a state of disbelief after feeling the sharp sensation in his thumb.


live scorpion bananas

“I yanked my arm out and flung it, and this scorpion flopped to the ground,” he said. “I was standing there in disbelief looking and there was another shopper there and people started to converge, and sure enough it was a scorpion.” Although the man was not seriously injured, he did visit a doctor. According to the victim, Walmart did offer to pay for his medical bills. source

In the wake of the incident, Walmart representative Betsy Harden told Trib Total Media that the company did alert its food safety team, produce suppliers and third-party pest control provider.