First the leggings, then the dragging, and now, a United Airlines passenger was stung mid-flight by what airline officials believe was a scorpion.

The shocking incident, which resulted in the passenger reeling in pain, happened last week on a flight from Houston to Calgary, Canada.


In a statement, the airline said that the passenger, whose identity has not been released, received medical attention when the flight landed. According to airline officials, the sting was not life-threatening. h/t 6abc

The airline said it has reached out to the customer to apologize for the incident.

The scorpion encounter happened just days before a high-profile incident in which law enforcement officers were called to forcibly remove a ticketed passenger from a flight to make room for United employees.

That passenger, Dr. David Dao, claims he suffered from a ‘significant concussion,’ his attorneys said Thursday. The incident has prompted massive public outrage fueled by social media.