Is Singer Lorde Normal?

Lorde posted this compellingly normal selfie photo on her Instagram last night making it clear, again, that she is just a normal girl — Lorde repeats, a normal girl.
lorde acne cream

Harkening back to the singer’s “Royals” performance at the Grammys, and the word “normal,” may never come up. But forget about all that, she’s normal girl wearing acne cream with one of the biggest hit songs in recent history and beyond. Sure, normal. Continue reading

Princess Di Fans Tired Of Life And Death Reenactments

A lot of fans of the late Princess Diana are stoked about the new film in production depicting Diana’s last days, but others say they ‘don’t need it’.

Diana and Dodi

Some people feel as if they’ve seen enough reenactments portraying Diana’s life and death, and there isn’t any more room to rehash her life story AGAIN. But Hollywood begs to differ, as they’ve cast Naomi Watts to play Diana in the new biopic film “Diana.”
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