CONFIRMED: Liberty Ross Jimmy Iovine Hand Holding PDA

It might suck to be Rupert Sanders, Liberty Ross‘ ex husband right now because not only did the Snow White director lose his wife over a very public affair with Kristen Stewart, he also lost the rare beauty to an older and more distinguished music man in Jimmy Iovine. Ross is lapping up her new found freedom as Sanders cries in his beer nightly.


Jimmy knows how to treat a woman and he’ll dote on Ross as if she were his last chance at a lasting relationship. Think the Beatles “When I’m 64.” BTW, I DO NOT like the face that progressive Liberty chose to wear fur to confirm her love to Jimmy… Can you say bad omen? I bet you ANYTHING Iovine gifted that old school style. She didn’t want to hurt his feelings I figure…




The duo were holding hands, before quickly breaking apart when they spotted photographers. Liberty was certainly dressed to impress for the evening outing, putting her long slender legs on show in white figure-hugging pencil skirt paired with a sheer white T-shirt and pair of snake skin heels. The 34-year-old beauty rounded out the outfit with her favorite fur coat, which she has been seen wearing several times in the past few weeks. Proudly striding alongside Iovine, Liberty was glowing and gorgeous with a big smile plastered across her face. dailymail

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Rapper Rick Ross Escapes Unhurt After Assassination Attempt

Rapper Rick Ross reportedly got shot at with a machine gun causing him to crash his Rolls-Royce in Fort Lauderdale Florida.

rick ross learned that last night, a car full of thugs attempted to ASSASSINATE rapper Ric Ross. Ross was driving his Rolls Royce in Ft Lauderdale, FL when an unknown vehicle approached him and began firing off multiple MACHINE GUN shots.


Ross managed to get away, but he swerved his car, and crashed into a residential apartment building.

The car was not struck by bullets, but multiple businesses in the area were.

We’re told that no one was hurt and the Ross is GOOD!!