Mexi-Meltdown After Woman Receives Green Peppers Instead Of Red

Whoa! Talk about strict! This blonde woman experiences a full fledged meal-meltdown after receiving green peppers instead of red peppers in her order of Mexican food.

During her tirade, she berates the cashier and quick fry cook, ordering them to speak english, while reminding them that in America, we get it right the first time. Really we do? Since when?

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MAJOR LEAGUE SHAMEFUL: Twins Torii Hunter Throws Major Hissy Fit Over Strike Out

Minnesota Twins outfielder Torii Hunter was tossed after an epic rant with the home plate umpire who has just called him out on strikes. After being ejected for confronting the ump, Hunter 39, confronted several other officials during the outburst, including his own coach, Paul Molitor.

The sad display occurred while the Twins were playing the Kansas City Royals on Wednesday night.

Torii Hunter losses  his mind

Twins coach Paul Molitor trotted over to Hunter’s defense, but he continued, tossing his helmet and the rest of his protective gear on to the field, followed by his jersey. Continue reading

[VIDEO] ESPN Host Pulls ‘I’m On TV’ Card In EPIC Parking Lot Meltdown

ESPN reporter Britt McHenry, was caught on-camera berating an unseen female parking lot attendant over having to pay a fee – All while touting her own celebrity status.

The parking lot attendant fielded a flurry of personal insults, at one point even warning the blonde host that she was being filmed.

Britt McHenry parking lot video

Among other things, McHenry demeaned the poor woman, making comments about her weight and apparent lack of teeth. Continue reading

WANTED: U.S. Citizens to Help Clean Up Fukushima Nuke Plant

This is not a joke…

U.S. workers wanted

A U.S. job recruiter company is hiring nuclear power workers who are United States citizens, to help clean up Fukushima, Japan’s nuclear disaster.

To get the job, the qualifications are pretty minimal, and the pay is said to be very high. The job ad states that they are looking for this type of potential worker: “Skills gained in the nuclear industry, a passport, a family willing to let you go, willingness to work in a radioactive zone.”

Wow, you just have to be a living person and own a passport for the job! I don’t think you even have to have a brain, because if you did, you surely wouldn’t step foot near this deadly meltdown! But seriously, these guys are heros for taking on this suicide mission. Hats off to you!
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