Paige Laurie Dubbert Headed For Divorce

Walmart heiress, Paige Laurie Dubbert has filed for divorce from her husband of nearly six years citing irreconcilable differences.

Page’s soon to be ex, Patrick Bode Dubbert, was half of super-secret wedding in June 2008.

Paige Laurie Dubbert patrick

A civil lawsuit she also filed accuses him of taking thousands of dollars out of a retail center in Malibu they operated. Continue reading

Underwater UFO Base Discovered In Trendy MALIBU?

UFO researchers say a massive underwater entrance has been discovered off the Malibu, CA coast at Point Dume.

The unidentified arrowhead shaped plateau appears to be the Holy Grail researchers that have been looking.


The plateau structure is 1.35 miles x 2.45 miles wide, 6.66 miles from land and the entrance between the support pillars is 2745 feet wide and 630 feet tall. Continue reading

Kris Jenner Visits Hospital Over MYSTERY ILLNESS

Kris Jenner has a medical issue that required her to enter the hospital for a slew of xrays and tests, reports TMZ.


Kris visited a hospital in Thousand Oaks for X-rays and tests related to an undisclosed medical problem. She was accompanied by Bruce Jenner, who came from his home in Malibu to be with her — signaling the issue may be somewhat serious.


Chris Brown Judge: You’ll Be Staying With Us For A While

Chris Breezy Brown was just denied his usual get out of jail free card after a judge ordered him to stay locked up until his next hearing, which is in late April..chris brown drugs

Superior Court Judge James R. Brandlin was nothing short of pissed, saying the anger management singer allegedly made comments while in rehab about his supposed proficiency with guns and knives.

Brown will spend at least the next month behind bars at the Men’s Central Jail. Continue reading

Chris Brown JAILED

Chris Brown has been thrown in jail after violating a judge’s orders.

The rapper was ejected from the rehab facility where he’s been living for nearly 4 months, TMZ is reporting.


The judge in the Rihanna beating case ordered Chris to live in the Malibu rehab facility for 90 days to get anger management therapy, and he completed the stint earlier this month. Continue reading

Time SEALS Everything! Heidi Klum And SEAL Reunite For Smooch

Seal must be back on his meds because the singer just had a drama-free encounter with his ex, Heidi Klum..

The inference in this photo is the former couple has no qualms about proximity, however, Seal would have to be a saint to have forgave his ex after she slept, not only the help, but also for performing the old heave ho.. Bum’s rush as that may have been, the two were spotted in a kiss over the weekend.
seal klum reunite Continue reading