Sean Parker PAYS OFF CA Coastal Commission After Screwing Environment

Mr. Parker has been extremely cooperative and actively involved in working with Coastal Commission staff to reach this resolution which both addresses our Coastal Act concerns and will result in greater coastal access and conservation in the Big Sur and Monterey Peninsula areas, Charles Lester, the commission’s executive director, said in a statement.

So cooperative, he never even bothered to get permits! Then he pays the CA commission post nature sarape? $2.5M? SOUNDS LIKE A PAYOFF!

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‘The Social Network’ Sean Parker Drops $8.6M on Wedding Decorations!

While you spend your meaningless life on the internet, Napster inventer and eventual Facebook investor, Sean Parker, is spending almost $9M on his wedding decorations.. This June, Parker is all set to wed Alexandra Lenas.. That is, after he spends $8.6 million on stuff like cloth doilies..  I think I just barfed in my mouth, a lot.. And what about all those pesky starving children in the world? They would throw up too! If they had any food in their little tummies.. OKAY! So back to the festivities!
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