NC Man Pleads Guilty To MURDERING Neighbor “In The Name Of ISIS”

Justin Sullivan, the man convicted of attempted terrorism in support of ISIS, has pleaded guilty to murdering his neighbor as a practice run for a planned mass attack and to steal money to fund the purchase of high-powered guns.

A baby-faced Sullivan appeared in court Monday morning and plead guilty to first-degree murder of his neighbor, 74-year-old John Bailey Clark. He was sentenced to life without parole for the murder.

The FBI says Sullivan shot and robbed Clark to get money to help him Continue reading

Was Ohio State University Attacker MUSLIM?

Many people learning about a mass attack on the Ohio State University campus are wondering if the perpetrator was muslim, more specifically, a radical islamic terrorist – aka ISIS.

The attacker, who was shot dead by police, has not yet been identified, however, recent posts on social media about a fire alarm being pulled and a car running into a group of people suggests the attack may have been carried out by an ISIS operative.


Earlier this month, an ISIS magazine article targeting the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade suggested to jihadists how to carry out a successful attack as a lone wolf operative. In the article, ISIS suggested that a lone wolf use a vehicle to plow into a crowd and to carry a secondary weapon. Continue reading

ISIS Crucifies Catholic Priest In Horrific Good Friday Commemoration

The Islamic State kept good to their threat, carrying out a horrific Good Friday commemoration by crucifying a Catholic priest.

The Rev. Thomas Uzhunnalil, a Salesian priest, was paraded and then crucified by the terror group after being held hostage. In early March, Uzhunnalil was kidnapped after ISIS stormed an elderly care facility in Yemen run by Missionaries of Charity, founded by Mother Teresa. They also killed 16 in the attack, including four nuns.

tom uzhunnalil isis crucified

His execution by the Islamist sect, using the same method used by the Romans on Jesus and marked on Good Friday every year, was confirmed at the Easter Vigil Mass by Cardinal Christoph Schonborn of Vienna. Continue reading

US Dropped This Leaflet Warning ISIS Fighters Of Impending Airstrike

The US Government dropped leaflets warning ISIS of an impending airstrike allowing many terror fighters to flee 45 minutes before the onslaught on oil tankers began.

The move to warn the fighters has many claiming it’s just another example of Obama’s two-faced war on terror. The US claims the drop was intended to minimise the death of drivers of the targeted oil tankers, whom the military say are likely civilians.

obama ISIS leaflets

“In Al-Bukamal, we destroyed 116 tanker trucks, which we believe will reduce ISIL’s ability to transport its stolen oil products,” Warren said. Continue reading

Sicilian Mafia To ISIS: Mess With NYC And You’re Messing With Us

A New York mob boss has given terror group ISIS a stark warning, saying if they attack New York, they will have to deal with the Sicilian mafia.

Giovanni Gambino, the son of a key figure in the Gambino family, says the mafia is positioned much better than institutionalized security, such as the FBI or Homeland Security, to protect New Yorkers.

Gambino crime family ISIS

“They often act too late, or fail to see a complete picture of what’s happening due to a lack of ‘human intelligence, Continue reading

Dakota Johnson Joins ISIS And The Internet Is Not Amused

Dakota Johnson is getting blasted on social media after appearing in an SNL skit in which the actor happily joins ISIS.

In the “Saturday Night Live” digital short, Johnson is being dropped off at the airport by her father, played by Taran Killam, when instead of hopping a flight, she hops in a Toyota full of terrorists and speeds off guns blazing.

Dakota Johnson has joined ISIS 6

– “I think it’s safe to say I will never watch SNL or any of Dakota Johnson’s movies ever again” Continue reading

Jihadi John Identified As Upper Crust Londoner

Jihadi John,” the ISIS militant who loves to appear on camera while beheading defenceless hostages, has been identified as West London man, Mohammed Emwazi.

Emwazi, a man in his mid-20s, who was raised in a middle-class part of London, is said to have graduated from college with a degree in computer programming, which would explain the ISIS social media persona..

Screen shot 2014-11-17 at 11.38.45.png

The identity of Jihadi John has been the subject of much speculation since he first appeared in a video apparently showing the killing of Foley. He was given the nickname after a group of three British jihadists thought to be guarding prisoners were referred to as John, Paul and Ringo, after The Beatles. h/t mashable


ISIS TO U.S. Thanks For Airdropping Us All These Weapons!

Weapons airdropped by the U.S. in Syria appear to have fallen into the WRONG hands.

ISIS is claiming in a new YouTube that at least one of the weapons drops is in their possession..

Weapons airdropped to isis

“Weapons and munitions dropped by American planes and landed in the areas controlled by the Islamic State in Kobani.” The video was also posted on the Twitter account of “a3maq news,” which acts as an unofficial media arm of ISIS. The outfit has previously posted videos of ISIS fighters firing American made Howitzer cannons and seizing marijuana fields in Syria.
h/t dailybeast

ISIS had broadly advertised its acquisition of a broad range of U.S.-made weapons during its rampage across Iraq. ISIS videos have showed its fighters driving U.S. tanks, MRAPs, Humvees. There are unconfirmed reports ISIS has stolen three fighter planes from Iraqi bases it conquered.


Chicago Teen Arrested Departing O’Hare Trying To Join ISIS

A 19-year-old from suburban Bolingbrook, Ill., was arrested Saturday at O’Hare International Airport after attempting to travel to Syria to join ISIS.

Mohammed Hamzah Khan was arrested without incident on his way to fight for ISIS, prosecutors said. He was charged today with attempting to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization operating inside Iraq and Syria.

Mohammed Hamzah Khan isis 2

While executing a search warrant at Khan’s residence, federal agents found “multiple handwritten documents that appeared to be Continue reading