NC Woman Sally Copeland Evans Found Dead “Deserter” Marine Grandson Under Arrest

Sally Copeland Evans, the missing Roanoke Rapids, NC., woman, was found dead tonight and her grandson, Isaiah Kahleal Evans Caesar, has been charged in connection with her death.

Evans, 74, was found dead in an undisclosed location, said Halifax County Sheriff Wes Tripp. Caesar, 18, was arrested tonight and charged with the murder of his grandmother. He was also served with a fugitive warrant for desertion and has a May 16 court date with no bond.

Evans had not been seen since Monday, her family reported. She was not answering her cell phone and family members said they were suspicious of some text messages that seemed to come from Evans. Continue reading

Chris Brown- Investigated For Attempted Murder


Hot out of the box is news that Chris Brown is being investigated for Attempted Murder on top of all the other crap in his legal file. They probably also found a half eaten donut and a Martha Stewart magazine.

Perez reports:

Since the only two people who know what really happened that night are Chris Brown and Rihanna, it will be difficult for Rihanna’s team to slap Brown with “attempted murder” and the DA does not want to move forward with such a severe high profile case if the evidence is faulty.