V. Stiviano is currently under investigation for allegedly extorting Donald Sterling.

don sterling still dating v.


TMZ is reporting, Stiviano may face prosicution over demanding money in return for keeping more audio recordings secret.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … a senior investigator for the L.A. County D.A.’s Bureau of Investigation contacted

 Shelly Sterling Tuesday … asking for an interview in connection with the extortion investigation.

Donald Sterling gave an interview last week … telling a magazine, “I wish I had just paid her off.”

TMZ Sports first reported … Stiviano claims to have 100 plus hours of recordings of conversations between her and Sterling.

Stiviano’s people told us a week ago … Sterling called her after we posted the audio … asking her, “How can we make this go away?” source

TMZ says the investigation is also focusing on whether Stiviano illegally recorded Sterling  … recording private conversations without the consent of all parties is a crime in California.