Woman Dog Kisser Pays $90,000 To French Kiss Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin superfan, Ana Paola Diniz, put her money where her mouth is and was set back a cool $90,000 In the process. Diniz dropped the healthy chunk of change on a chance to make out with the gay Latin singer.

Diniz, who runs an exclusive holiday resort for pets, was the highest bidder at an auction which raised money for AIDs research at the amfAR Inspiration Gala in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Ana Paola Diniz ricky martin kiss

After ‘snogging’ a woman who donated £63,000 to his charity fundraiser, Ricky Martin might now be reconsidering his spontaneous decision after seeing pictures of his paramour sharing the same passionate kisses with her dogs. Continue reading

ISIS Terror Suspects Arrested In 3 Different American Cities

Authorities are confirming that at least three ISIS terror suspects were arrested Thursday in Houston, Sacramento and Milwaukee. The arrests were part of an ongoing terrorism investigation.

Officials said information would only be released when court documents are unsealed or the suspects make their initial court appearances.

Mohammed Hamzah Khan isis

“I can confirm that there were two national security related arrests today, one in Houston and one in Sacramento,” Department of Justice spokesman Marc Raimondi told CBS News’ Paula Reid. Continue reading

$750 HIV Pill Exec Martin Shkreli Arrested

Martin Shkreli, the pharmaceutical executive who was skewered on social media for charging $750 per pill for a $13 HIV/cancer treatment, has been arrested by the FBI for securities fraud.

Shkreli, 32, was taken into custody early Thursday morning in Manhattan.

Martin Shkreli 2

He was already one of the most reviled and envied men in the country for inflating the price on an HIV/cancer treatment from  $13.50 per pill to $750 per pill Continue reading


Cameron Bay, a female reality star and adult actor has tested positive for AIDS promoting a complete shutdown of the adult movie industry..

Our friends at MTO revealed the actor’s identity after the adult community learned that one of their own has possibly been spreading the sometimes deadly virus around..

1377168573f46349f2671 Tool Academy FEMALE Star AIDS POSITIVE

A reality star and popular adult film star, received notification from Cutting Edge Testing (the porn industry’s official HIV testing arm) that her most recent test came back positive – showing antibodies for HIV.

Cameron retested herself at CET after receiving a call from the lab in which she was “informed that the test she took there on Monday was ‘contaminated.’”

Cameron was also popular for starring on the FIRST SEASON of the VH1 show TOOL ACADEMY. She was the girl who dated the brother named “CELEBRITY.” Shortly after the show aired, she and Celebrity broke up.

The adult movie industry released a statement saying they will remain closed for business until each and every actor is tested for the AIDS virus.