Shia LaBeouf HANDCUFFED REMOVED From Broadway Play

Shia LaBeouf was handcuffed by cops and removed from Roundabout’s production of Cabaret at Studio 54 during the show’s intermission.

The Transformer actor was extremely disruptive during the first act of the Tony-nominated revival, prompting police to escort him out of the production – while he was hammering tears.

Shia LaBeouf pants

Those on the street tell us that LaBeouf was in tears when taken away by police, and that audience members on the scene described the actor as having been extremely disruptive throughout the entire first act of the show. Continue reading

Girl 10 Handcuffed, Arrested, Expelled After Bringing Dad’s ‘Medicine’ To School

A little girl just 10 years of age was handcuffed, arrested and expelled from her elementary school after officials say she brought her father’s medical marijuana to class.


The minor who was arrested at Evans elementary school in El Paso County, Colorado, was handcuffed and held before being handed over to her parents. She said a classmate told her to do it.

The marijuana had legally been issued to her father due to health issues. The father admitted he had been prescribed the marijuana in order to help treat chronic pain, restless leg syndrome and ADHD. He told police that his daughter stole the marijuana from his locked room.

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